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Tires—and the right type for the occasional to avid Adventure Rider—is a source of continued debate. What’s agreed upon is that the tire should offer exceptional grip, performance, and longevity, both on and off road.

And therein lies the issue. Most off-road tires offer limited performance on the asphalt, and vice versa. Where a high-performance tire offers exceptional grip, they sacrifice longevity. Long lasting tires tend sacrifice grip.

Choosing the tire that’s right for you depends entirely on your budget and intended use. For Adventure riders who describe their off-road as ‘mild,’ a basic dual-sport tire is usually fine. In concert with good riding technique, they offer reasonable off-road grip and exceptional street handling. For ‘hardcore’ Adventure riders who take on hillclimbs, sand, and mud, Knobbies are king. They offer reasonable street performance; but will wear quickly and require regular replacement.”

Rims are another matter. Street-oriented Rims are made from a single-piece aluminum alloy, and offer a light and easily maintained build. Off-road rims are usually multi-piece spoked, offering enhanced flexibility and impact resistance. Both will work for off-road use; and each has their advantages and disadvantages.

Where a spoked rim is more flexible and durable, they usually require fitting of a ‘tube’ beneath the tire, making for laborious repair in the event of a flat. Alloy rims are usually ‘tubeless,’ making for quick flat repair. But, they are not as flexible and therefore more susceptible to damage.

Sava Tires

Savatech, as they are known in Europe, is a Slovenian company that manufactures a full line of tires from heavy truck tires to scooter tires. Sava is a subsidiary of the American company Goodyear tire and they have a state of the art facility in Kranj, Slovenia.

The Sava MC 60 is a unique tire, with a feature that no other tire has. It’s a true knobby and it’s directional! What does that mean? Well – it means that if you are mostly a street rider who wants to occasionally ride off-road these tires have a directional “road rotation” which extends their life if you plan to ride a lot of pavement. If you plan to ride a lot of dirt and you want maximum traction off-road then you mount the tire so that it rotates in the opposite direction and you’ll have the best possible off-road traction.

Sava’s are distributed and sold by RawHyde.
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Heidenau Tires

Heidenau The Heidenau Scout is currently the only true 50/50 tire on the market. It delivers reliable performance and high mileage on both dirt and asphalt. No matter which dual-sport you chose, Heidenau has a Scout for it. Founded in 1946 to produce molded rubber products, over time they converted to tire production. In 1993 Reifenwerk Heidenau GmbH was founded with a focus on producing motorcycle, scooter, kart and special-purpose tires. Whether you're blasting through the canyons, snowy roads, or carving up the desert, our tires strive to fulfill the highest claims of quality, and truly live up to the phrase "Made in Germany."

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Woody's Wheel Works

Performance and quality doesn’t stop at the tire alone. A good wheel can improve response, durability, and lower your overall weight of the bike. Woody’s Wheel Works is your go-to company for wheel that’s built to last.

Tire Repair

One of the many inevitabilities that can quickly spoil the enjoyment of the backcountry is a flat tire. The terrain is unpredictable and in most cases not maintained, and you will get a flat. But if you are prepared with the knowledge and proper repair tools, most flats can be fixed and have you back on the road in 15 - 20 minutes.

A compact tire pump/compressor and tire irons or “spoons” like those provided by BestRest Products, in addition to plugs, patches and/or extra tubes (depending on your tire type) will have you back in right order in very little time. Online video tutorials or instructional Dvds (also provided by BestRest) can aid in training you to efficiently and speedily patch your tire. Editor’s note: Purchasing a used “sacrificial” tire and tube and then spending a day mounting, piercing, removing, patching, remounting, and repeat - is what taught this writer and gave him the confidence to do so on the trail.

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