What a great feeling – knowing you have everything you need for your trip but not knowing what's over the next hill. 3500 miles of Saharan sand and rock gave Al Jesse plenty of time to think about what could make his next trip easier – durable gear with an optimum center of gravity, angled for strength and safety, and designed for uncompromising function.

Six months after the African trip, Al made his first set of "luggage" out of cardboard in a friend's garage in New Zealand. On his return to the US, Al started to hand fashion his bags one set at a time for travelers coming through his area. Jesse Luggage has been tested on every continent (except Antarctica) in the most challenging conditions and by the most demanding riders. Over the past 19 years, the luggage has evolved but the concept that Al first developed has not wavered – function first.

Jesse Luggage Systems has been making motorcycle touring luggage since 1993. Our luggage, designed for the adventure motorcyclist, is known for it's quality, durability, and unique design.

Our product line is made from 2mm thick, 5052 aluminum for strength, endurance and longevity. Compound, multiple angles give these boxes strength, but also allow more volume in a sleek profile. The forward angle provides room for your feet when you need it.

Check out the full line of Jesse Luggage Our friction hinge on the lid gives you hands-free convenience that's better than Bluetooth! Open the lid a little while it's raining, open it fully to hold your coffee in the morning. It stays where you put it with the lightest of touch, despite gravity's input.

The boxes are powder coated inside and out, giving you a great look while keeping your gear free from aluminum dust.

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