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AKS Engineering is owned by Steve Ruth and operated by both Steve and Tom Schick. All AKS products are manufactured in Michigan.

Steve, inventor of the SideKicker, is mechanical engineer and has spent much of his career in the design and development of automotive driveline components. He won his first bike, a 1966 Suzuki Hill Billy, at the age of 12 in a skeet shooting contest and has been involved with motorcycles ever since, participating in Enduro and Hare Scramble competition for years. Road bikes have included a 68' Honda 305, 72' Suzuki 750, 97' Triumph Tiger and recently the 09' BMW 1200GS.

Spending much of his road riding and camping time in the Virginia Mountains, the hilly terrain always seemed to make parking just more of an issue that it should be. "I was always looking for a stick, a rock or a smashed can to put under kickstand to make sure it didn't fall over or sink into the ground". The first prototyped SideKicker was conceived and built in 2001 and has undergone significant testing and design improvements since.

Tom Schick spent 38 years of his career in the precision machining and fabrication trade and recently retired after selling out of his Tool & Die manufacturing company he co-owned for 25 years. Tom also began his road riding on a '69 Honda 305. In the dirt he started out with an AJS Stormer but soon found his true love was with Husky's and rode them many years competing in Enduro's. Today, Tom still enjoys riding both his Honda GoldWing & Kawasaki KX. He has been intrigued with the adjustable kickstand ever since he made the first one for Steve in 2001.

The Side Kicker AKS Engineering produces the Side Kicker and Kruz Locker exclusively for BMW GS riders. These are all designed, tested and manufactured in Michigan.

The Side Kicker is a unique, instantly adjustable kick stand, which helps reduce the excessive lean of the GS bikes. This allows the rider to more easily park on sloping or softer ground, top off the gas tank without spilling or just simply sitting level on the bike when parked.


Kruz Locker The Kruz Locker, a motorcycle throttle lock, is unique in that it is instant on & off with just a quarter turn and requires no adjustment when riding.


Please visit: www.aksengineering.com

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