Ultimate Adventure Bike shocks and the GS911 Portable Fault Code Scanner.

Ted Porter is a veteran BMW trained mechanic with decades of industry experience, including 15 years in BMW dealer service management. With over 30 years in the industry, several years ago Ted turned his focus to suspension. Through first hand experience with installations, setups, valve and spring optimizing for every riding condition, and years of training from suspension factories in the USA and abroad, the BeemerShop represents the best the industry has to offer in the world of Adventure Bike shocks. With ESA solutions from Wilbers, to Extreme Duty 5-way adjustable piggyback shocks from Yacugar with Tractive Hi-Lift preloaders, and even ESA systems for bikes not originally equipped with ESA, regardless of your load or riding conditions BeemerShop has a suspension solution for you. We can also raise or lower your ride height. Before you make a shock selection, consider all your options and give BeemerShop a call.

The GS 911

The GS-911 ia a unique compact portable tool that allows you to communicate with your engine, ABS and other electronic controllers on your modern BMW motorcycle through a laptop or mobile phone. Gen II model now works on iPhone!

Picture this: you're on a motorcycle adventure many miles from home and a warning indicator pops up on your display. Your owner's manual instructs you to check your engine oil and proceed to the nearest dealer. Concerned about the warning indicator you ride to the nearest dealer which is 150 miles away only to find out it was just a communication error with the tire pressure monitor. The GS911 would have given you this information and spared you from an unnecessary detour. This is a true story which prompted this customer to purchase a GS911 which he will carry on all his future trips.

  • Read and Clear Fault Codes.
  • Service and diagnostic functions including:
    • Reset Service Reminders.
    • Recalibrate Idle Actuators.
    • Set TPS
    • Check Hall Sensors.
    • ABS Bleed Test.
    • Park Throttle Bodies for Throttle Synch.
    • Output Function Tests.
    • Real Time Data so you can watch sensors/switches work in real time.
    • And much more...

Learn more from the BeemerShop at www.gs911usa.com

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