Connecting with other riders.

One of the most common things mentioned by our clients is the lack of "community" within the adventure riding world. Most owners of adventure bikes don't feel that they have many friends that they can share the experience with and there aren't many events that are dedicated to the Adventure Rider. So what's the solution for finding folks to ride with and also enjoying your motorcycle more? Here's how.

BMW and RawHyde have been working for the last two years to build communities of adventure riders around the US. This is being done through many BMW dealerships around the country.

So what if you don't own a BMW? That's OK, it's not the brand that you ride that's important… but rather that you do ride… and explore… and have folks to share the experience with.

Connecting with other Adventure Riders for the purpose of having some fun with your machine is simple, and it all happens on Facebook. Every community of riders that we have created in the USA is on Facebook, and can be found via a quick search. Just go to Facebook and search "GS Riders of". You will instantly see a list of the many GS Riders communities near you.

Above is a map displaying all the current GS Riders communities in the USA. Many of these groups are just getting started, but you can count on being enthusiastically welcomed… and you can count on meeting many new riding buddies that share your interest in "Adventure Riding".

Don't have a Facebook account but still want to browse communities near you? No problem; click on any of the blue pins within the map above to get more information on each of the "GS Riders of" communities, links to their Facebook page and links to their official website (direct links are also displayed to the right). There you can see the posted pictures and the exchange between the riders of that group in your area.

We're confident that you'll want to get involved, get connected to like-minded Adventurers and become a part of the excitement.

This list is constantly growing so check back often if no group currently exists near you!


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GS Riders of...

Alamo BMW
Big Twin BMW
BMW of Jacksonville
BMW Las Vegas
BMW MC of Escondido
BMW MC of SE Michigan
BMW North Salt lake
BMW of Pensacola
BMW Riverside
BMW Santa Fe
BMW Tampa
BMW Utah
Bob's BMW
Brown Motor Works
Cal Moto
Cycle Specialties
Foothills BMW
Fresno BMW
Giant Loop
Gulf Coast BMW
Houston BMW (Team Mancuso)
Iron Horse BMW
Irv Seavers
Lone Star
Long Beach BMW
New England (Micatech)
Pikes Peak
Ride West BMW
San Diego BMW
Sandia BMW
Santa Rosa BMW
South Sound BMW
Tri-Valley BMW
Ventura BMW
Victory BMW

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