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Heidenau The Heidenau Scout is currently the only true 50/50 tire on the market. It delivers reliable performance and high mileage on both dirt and asphalt. No matter which dual-sport you chose, Heidenau has a Scout for it. Founded in 1946 to produce molded rubber products, over time they converted to tire production. In 1993 Reifenwerk Heidenau GmbH was founded with a focus on producing motorcycle, scooter, kart and special-purpose tires. Whether you're blasting through the canyons, snowy roads, or carving up the desert, our tires strive to fulfill the highest claims of quality, and truly live up to the phrase "Made in Germany."

Learn more about Heidenau Tires at: www.heidenauusa.com

Heidenau Tires

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