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Photo By: Steven Hobart It wasn’t that long ago that electronics played almost no role in motorcycles whatsoever. How times have changed. Nowadays, one is hard pressed to find a motorcycle devoid of a GPS, phone charger, communications system, etc.

And for good reason. Many of todays electronics have a pivotal role in navigation, field diagnostics, and countless other Adventure endeavors. They have served to make Adventure riding safer, more excessible, and more fun.

Below are a few must-have devices for your bike.

Tracking Beacons



For communication headset devices, click here.

GPS Systems

A Global Positioning System in amongst the most valued tools in the Adventure Rider arsenal. Even the most simplistic device can usually show you where you are, where you’ve been, and where you are going. Premium devices will provide tracking information, waypoint input, and the ability to create custom multi-point routes. While we should all have a compliment of traditional ‘paper maps’ in our kits; a good GPS unit will prove irreplaceable.

Touratech USA has put together this informative comparison chart of popular GPS units.
UNIT INFO Montana 600 Montana 650T Monterra Monterra Topo Zumo 350 LM Zumo 660 LM Zumo 665 LM
Display Type BETTER (Transflective Color Touch) GOOD (Color Touch)
Bluetooth NO YES (A 2 DP) YES (A 2 DP) YES (A 2 DP)
Preloaded Maps NO 100k TOPO NO 100k TOPO CITY NAVIGATOR (Street Maps)
Unit to Unit Data Transfer NO YES NO NO
XM Radio and Traffic NO NO NO NO YES
WiFi Connectivity NO YES NO
Access to Android Apps in Google Play NO YES NO
Package Price with Touratech Locking Mount $659 $779 $829 $879 $829 $785 $925

Download/print a PDF version here.

the GS 911

By: Ted Porters Beemer Shop

The GS-911 ia a unique compact portable tool that allows you to communicate with your engine, ABS and other electronic controllers on your modern BMW motorcycle through a laptop or mobile phone. Gen II model now works on iPhone!

Picture this: you're on a motorcycle adventure many miles from home and a warning indicator pops up on your display. Your owner's manual instructs you to check your engine oil and proceed to the nearest dealer. Concerned about the warning indicator you ride to the nearest dealer which is 150 miles away only to find out it was just a communication error with the tire pressure monitor. The GS911 would have given you this information and spared you from an unnecessary detour. This is a true story which prompted this customer to purchase a GS911 which he will carry on all his future trips.

  • Read and Clear Fault Codes.
  • Service and diagnostic functions including:
    • Reset Service Reminders.
    • Recalibrate Idle Actuators.
    • Set TPS
    • Check Hall Sensors.
    • ABS Bleed Test.
    • Park Throttle Bodies for Throttle Synch.
    • Output Function Tests.
    • Real Time Data so you can watch sensors/switches work in real time.
    • And much more...

Learn more from the BeemerShop at

Power Distribution

By: Rowe Electronics

Learn more about the PDM60

The future of power management... is here.

The old methods of power distribution have gone the way of the floppy disk; it's outdated technology. With the new PDM60, blown fuses, tangled wiring, overloaded circuits, and CanBus related power interruptions are a thing of the past. The PDM60 makes adding or removing aftermarket electrical devices\electronics to your bike a breeze. No more checking or replacing fuses, no more installing relays to power high-amperage applications like driving lights, heated clothing, etc. No more hassles. The PDM60 offers six circuits, and 60 Amps of power handling capability; enough for all of your gadgets and accessories. Six superbright LEDs will keep you informed as to the status of each circuit.

Plain and simple, with the PDM60, your bike will be better equipped,
better prepared, and better protected.

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