Visit Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers

Not everyone wants to "camp" in a tent on the ground when taking an adventure ride. Let us introduce you to a unique and versatile solution for back country comfort that still lets you explore on your motorcycle and yet stay comfortable at night.

The Four Wheel pop up camper is a perfect accessory for folks who like to trailer their bikes to the locations they want to explore. If you live in snow country this is a perfect way to have a mid winter get away, and its also a great way to set up a base camp for what we call hub and spoke rides.

At RawHyde Adventures we've seen more and more of our clients using these campers to add a little extra comfort to their adventures.

You'll be able to see one of these unique campers at all the BMW dealer clinics that are being conducted by RawHyde in the 2012 calendar year.

The Keystone Camper

Keystone Interior

Visit Four Wheel Pop-Up Camping

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