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In 2008, Giant Loop started for us as an opportunity to combine two life-long passions: the adventure of travel and outdoor recreation - mountaineering, skiing, backpacking, mountain biking, river running - and the excitement of motorcycling. We've been hooked on dirt bikes since we were kids, and over the years we've set our sights on increasingly distant horizons.

Not finding the luggage solutions off-road riding demands, we created our own. Dead solid stable, super rugged and lightweight, Giant Loop's saddlebags, tank bags, dry bags and adventure gear have found an enthusiastic worldwide following of adventure riders in just four short years.

Because they require no special racks, mounts or braces, Giant Loop saddlebags shave 30 or more pounds of metal from adventure touring motorcycles when compared to typical hard luggage systems. Weight is positioned closer to the center of the bike - both front-to-back and side-to-side - which instantly improves off-road handling and performance. Giant Loop's unique "biomorphic" design also wraps the load around the motorcycle subframe, placing it exactly where engineers intended for bikes to carry weight. We've found this means few cracked and broken subframes - as well as eliminating broken mounting hardware and bent up boxes that don't close properly.

This year, Giant Loop will add more hard-luggage compatible solutions to accommodate the needs of two-up riders and those who are on the road for extended periods of time and need to carry spare parts and other heavy gear.

Virtually universal in fitment, Giant Loop bags quickly and easily strap on and off a broad spectrum of motorcycles. When you need to carry gear you can. When you don't, your bike is completely unencumbered. Own more than one bike? No problem moving bags from one machine to another.

Enough of what we have to say...

Here's a small sampling of Giant Loop's recent press clips:

  • "Satisfaction: 5/5"
    Motorcycle Consumer News, April 2012
  • "Just strap on and ride!"
    — Woema magazine, South Africa, January 2012
  • "I've been abusing the Giant Loop set-up for quite a while now, and everything stays in place."
    Clement Salvadori, Rider magazine, February 2012
  • "Our Giant Loop Coyote bag setup was in perfect proportion to the body and it could have easily taken more."
    Adv Moto magazine, January/February 2012
  • "Giant Loop makes really cool products that allow you to carry more stuff on your dirt or adventure bike."
    Jimmy Lewis, Dirt Rider magazine, February 2012
  • "Simple, functional, bulletproof. What else is there?"
    BMW Owners News magazine, December 2011
  • "Our shoulders thanked us. With the weight off our backs and secured to the bikes, we could ride twice as long without getting tired."
    Quinn Cody, Baja 1000 winner, Dirt Bike magazine, January 2011

For packing tips, tricks and the best things on two wheels, visit Giant Loop's "Go Light, Go Fast" blog:

About Giant Loop

Harold Olaf Cecil I am Harold Olaf Cecil, owner of Giant Loop. I design and build rugged, stable soft luggage and motorcycle gear for people to ride lighter, faster and farther. Giant Loop gear expands horizons and opens up new worlds of possibility for motorcycle riders across a broad spectrum of bikes, ridden around the world.

Every stitch and seam of Giant Loop's made in USA product line represents years of testing and development by real dirt bike, dualsport and adventure touring riders over thousands of miles in the most demanding conditions.

Giant Loop frees riders to forget about their gear and simply enjoy the ride, with a motorcycle that delivers maximum performance, even when carrying everything needed for off-road adventure.

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